Why the Movement?

Convergencia is a Movement as it admits the different modes of organization of each Institution member that participates in it.

Any psychoanalytical association or institution in the world may request admission.

We recognize in act the diversity of history, geography and languages in the different associative positions. We bet on the multiplicity of ties, inviting for the constitution of cartels or work groups.

We work in the organization of seminars, colloquiums or congresses that enforce the exchange and debate of the practice fundamentals of psychoanalysis and its continuity. These activities are organized with the participation of at least two institutions member, in the language, city, country and manner of accordance. 

Why Convergencia?

With the purpose of promoting the advance in the treatment of crucial questions of psychoanalysis, Convergencia Lacanian Movement of Freudian Psychoanalysis, was founded in 1998 in Barcelona, by forty-five psychoanalytical associations from Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United States and Uruguay.

With this purpose, each institution member of the Movement presents in an tri-annual Congress, regional congresses, colloquiums or activities in which at least two institutions member participate, the differences that it legitimates one or more aspects from the real of the cure. Worth saying, from its thesis sustained on some elements from Lacan’s teaching funded on Freud’s invention.

Thus, this new modality of tie among analysts differs from the installation of the pyramidal and authoritarian tie of a supra-institution. To the point that, in Convergencia, the multiplicity of languages, readings and the diversity of the distinct associative positions that compose it is not considered a shortcoming. The Movement will hold the principle of the fruitful difference present among such positions of enunciation.

Convergencia, in its act of foundation, is committed to finding an adequate response to today’s new forms of  discontent. Beyond, it is part of our objectives to offer to the psychoanalysts gathered in Convergencia a political strength that supports its social registration in the distinct international contexts in which its act takes place.


Decision Instances


Decisions take place in the different Liaison Committees. 

General Liaison committee:  Gathers once a year, alternatively in Europe or in America, up to now. It is composed of a delegate and two replacements from each association member. It acts as the decisional body of Convergencia, generating the decision considered useful and necessary for the objectives to achieve good terms.

Participating Institutions of Convergencia, Lacanian Movement for the Freudian Psychoanalysis.

Convergencia gathers different psychoanalytical associations or institutions, from different parts of the world. Each of theses institutions legitimate themselves either from an aspect in the real of the cure, or from a thesis supported in one of the stages of Lacan’s teaching in reading Freud.

The formation and the nomination of analysts fall within the competence of each of the associations of Convergencia. Our movement will facilitate the handling of this diversity.


How to Participate?

Any psychoanalyst, associated or not, can participate in the debate, exchange and the activities of Convergencia. Besides, he may take part in the different groups of work constituted in Convergencia. All the community may participate in the activities. To take part of the Movement, a previous work is required: for admission, the association has to commit to a project of work, developed together with at least three associations member of Convergencia. From the acceptance of the work by the members of the other associations, it may attend the annual meeting of the General Liaison Committee and pay the annual fee to confirm its membership.


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